Mother & Child

“Amid all this seeming babel of baas as they streamed over the hills every mother and child recognized each other’s voice. In case a tired lamb, half asleep in the smothering dust, should fail to answer, its mother would come running back to the spot whence its last response was heard, and refused to be comforted until she found it, the one of a thousand, though to our eyes and ears all seemed alike.”

— John Muir, My First Summer in the Sierra (1911)

Life at Gurs

First Artistamps SMALL

Early artistamps were created by German artist and political prisoner Karl Schwesig in 1941, depicting life at Gurs, an internment camp in Vichy France. Schwesig drew them in colored ink on the blank perforated margins of an actual stamp sheet. The commemorative sheet shown above was prepared from the original images by James Warren Felter for the International Artistamp Exhibition at the Davidson Galleries in Seattle, December 1989.

Gurs 1

Gurs 2

Gurs 3