From The Snooty Bookshop, a postcard book by Tom Gauld


Words to Live By

Doc Savage

The Code of Doc Savage

  1. Let me strive, every moment of my life, to make myself better and better, to the best of my ability, that all may profit from it.
  2. Let me think of the right, and lend all my assistance to those who need it, with no regard to anything but justice.
  3. Let me take what comes with a smile, without loss of courage.
  4. Let me be considerate of my country, of my fellow citizens and my associates in everything I say or do.
  5. Let me do right to all, and wrong to no man.



“We might understand each other better if we had more frank conversations between Britons and Americans. You must bear in mind that we are, on the whole, more emotional, vociferous and intolerant than you. We’ll go to a baseball game or a football match and shout for the blood of the referee, and on occasion, fling beer bottles at him. Our domestic controversies are conducted in strong language, with much name-calling — in short, we’re inclined to say what we think, even when we have not thought very much.”

— Edward R. Murrow, speaking to Britons from London during World War II, quoted in Citizens of London (2010) by Lynne Olson