Letter from You



“We were very delicate about lavatories in those days. It was unthinkable to be seen entering or leaving one except by an intimate member of the family; difficult in our house, since the lavatory was halfway up the stairs and in full view from the hall. The worst, of course, was to be inside and then hear voices below. Impossible to come out. One had to stay immured there until the coast was clear.”

— From Agatha Christie: An Autobiography (1977)


“Thirteen hundred local and out-of-town Eagles gathered yesterday at Mountain Lake to partake of the sixth annual venison barbecue of the Gloversville aerie. 2,300 pounds of solid venison were consumed, or nearly two pounds to a man besides vast quantities of other goodies. It was stated by those who have attended the previous affairs of the kind that yesterday’s far surpassed them all, and was a huge, grand, ecstatic, overwhelming success.”

— News account found on the back of a clipped obituary tucked inside a book I bought at the Skaneateles Library book sale.