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Loving the postcards from Pixiluv, which I get from New Zealand via Amazon. Above, one from the Herbert Railton collection, and below, a scene by Montague Dawson, and an uncredited cover from Cosmopolitan. They offer an amazing array of images, on excellent quality stock, delivered quickly and perfectly packaged.

Ship and Shore

Shotgun Love



bohea tea

From Drums (1925) by James Boyd, illustrated by N.C. Wyeth. “Bohea tea” (pronounced “Boo-hee”), was a tea imported during colonial times. The blend originated in China with trade to the British and Dutch East India Companies, and consisted of broken orange pekoe, pekoe, and souchong leaves dumped in a pile and then sifted, typically the scrap tea of lower quality leaves, but considered high quality by the colonists.



Granted, it was the art of illustrator Reginald Heade that stopped me, but the understated nature of the flyleaf, so British, drew me in. And, by gosh, the stories are terrific, ripping yarns. So glad I found and bought this.

(Just a tip: If you do buy this, skip “Voodoo.” It’s nauseatingly racist.)