Ice Dances with Wolves


Painting by Philip R. Goodwin, 1904; I haven’t yet found the story it illustrated.


Lana Turner

I’ve always thought of Lana Turner as a hard, brassy blonde, but this photo of her as a teenager makes one wonder why Hollywood couldn’t leave well enough alone.

What a View

Lobby Postcard

Postcard of the Prince of Wales Hotel lobby, in Waterton, Alberta, Canada. The photo is by T. J. (Tomar Jacob) Hileman (1882–1945), the official photographer for the Great Northern Railway. In 1924, Hileman took photos of Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes National Park, traveling with his bulky camera equipment on horseback, even at times perching on a narrow ledge to get the right shot. The Prince of Wales Hotel was built by the railway, and must have been an easier day for him.

Complete Agreement

“I, a simple soldier, stood here in the place from which the fate of the German people was once guided, and from which it was defined. I began to understand some things. It became increasingly clear to me why we had now to experience the end of Germany.

“No one in the room dared to express his own opinion. Everything that came from the Führer’s mouth was received with complete agreement. This was a group of courtiers without parallel. Or were they worried that they might be uprooted from this still-secure and privileged life if they voiced their own opinion?”

— General Helmuth Weidling, in the Reich Chancellery, April 25, 1945, quoted in Swansong 1945: The Collective Diary of the Last Days of the Third Reich edited by Walter Kempowski. Hitler took his own life five days later. Weidling surrendered Berlin to the Russians on May 2nd.