Danger Mail

Lost Lions Gorey

From The Lost Lions (2011) by Edward Gorey




“I always go into the Persian Room after 4 to see my friend Bill
He is a busboy in the night and goes to school in the day and
his eyes water
Here’s where he’s been
Here’s where I’ve been
Boiler Room”

— From Eloise (1955) by Kay Thompson with drawings by Hilary Knight

Drinking Ink

India Ink

“It was little Michael Master who detected, first of all,
That his great enormous father was becoming very small;
Now I never knew the reason, but I fancy that he shrank
Because of all the Indian ink that Mr. Master drank.”

— From The Little Father by Gelett Burgess, first published in 1899; this image from the edition published in 1985 with illustrations by Richard Egielski.



“I had little doubt that the majority of German people would swallow these idiotic lies. After all my time in this Nazi cuckooland, I still found it profoundly depressing to see a people so easily deceived.”

— William L. Shirer, reflecting on Hitler’s New Year’s proclamations, January 1940, in 20th Century Journey: The Nightmare Years, 1930-1940.

Photo: Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda, at a League of Nations Assembly, Geneva, Switzerland, 1933, by Alfred Eisenstaedt