The Zodiacs

Zodiacs 1

The Zodiacs bowling team, known for the elaborate matching costumes they wore, pose at Pelican Lanes in Metairie, Louisiana, in 1969 to mark their participation in the New Orleans Woman’s Bowling Association tournament. From left, Frances Plaia, Anna Western, Linda Prattin, Mary Marchand and Doris Matthew. Apparently, the lower portion of the gowns could be removed when they were ready to bowl. And you have to love the covers on their bags that match their gowns. Photos by David Nelson.

Zodiacs 2

A Book I’d Forgotten I Owned

JL Cover

“Arriving at the station

Always dead on time

For his destination

Now He’s dead on time

(meaning he’s been got by a train or something)

“And so we growt and bumply

Till the end of time

Humpty dumpty bumply

Son of Harry Lime.”

“I Remember Arnold,” John Lennon, In His Own Write (1964), appreciating the reference to Graham Greene’s The Third Man

JL 2