Postcard Delivery

Oak View

“If it takes the entire army and navy of the United States to deliver a post card in Chicago, that card will be delivered.” — Grover Cleveland, 1894

After striking workers defied an injunction to cease interfering with trains that included U.S. Mail cars, President Cleveland sent in Federal troops. His quote, which surfaced while I was looking for something else, prompted me to post a few Grover Cleveland postcards.

GC 1 Oak View

GC 5

GC 4

GC 6

Each Night

PO Faded Letters

“Faded old love letters
They mean the world to me.
Each night, I read them over.
They are my rosary.
My little pal, I’ve lost you,
But like a star you shine.
Tho’ your dear hands are still,
In my heart there’s a thrill,
For those faded love letters of mine.”



Perspective view of garden facade, residence for Harold and Edith Rockefeller McCormick, Lake Forest, Illinois, 1908, by Charles Adams Platt, on a Pomegranate postcard from the collection of the Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library, Columbia University, New York.