Steven Skollar

Hot Dog

I was in the Fenimore Art Museum, in Cooperstown, N.Y., yesterday, and wandered into a room hung with the art of Steven Skollar, who I’d never heard of, and whose work captivated me instantly. It’s fabulous, unexpected and fun. I love it when life offers up such good surprises. (These first two images were not in the exhibit; I found them elsewhere.)


This Electrolux was the vacuum cleaner of my boyhood; I never dreamed it would someday be the subject of a portrait.


“Irwin, the Shooting Man from Mars” (2010) is the one at the exhibit that transfixed me.

* * *


Schaeffer Chinatown

“I want to see Nik.” Illustration by Mead Schaeffer for “Lucy of Limehouse” by British adventure writer Samuel Bertram Hawerth Hurst in Good Housekeeping, August 1933

A Disagreement

NCW 1912

Illustration done in 1912 by N.C. Wyeth for John Hay’s poem, “The Mystery of Gilgal” in which Colonel Blood (left) and Judge Phinn (right) both order a “whiskey skin” (whiskey, sugar, citrus peel and hot water) from Tom Taggart (center, behind the bar). Taggart makes just one drink, and both men assume it is theirs. Knives are drawn and in the ensuing melee everybody dies.

“They piled the stiffs outside the door;
They made, I reckon, a cord or more.
Girls went that winter, as a rule,
Alone to spellin’-school.”

The Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant WL

Art by Walter Louderback for “The Manchild” by Maxwell Aley in Good Housekeeping, July 1927

“Charl rode there, quiet, reserved, with the dignity that befitted the man-child of his father’s house, borne on the shoulders of his father’s manservant to visit that retainer’s joss. His heart thumped beneath the blouse of his sailor suit, his eyes were wide and blue, and his clear skin was flushed.”