Sarah the Mailmonster

If you share my passion for postcards and mail art, I know you will enjoy Sarah The Mailmonster’s website, “The Public Postcard.” It’s quite wonderful; she has generous amounts of talent and enthusiasm, and shares mail art from all over the world.


Tea Train

Beginning in 1909, the Oriental Limited ran between Chicago and Seattle; it offered numerous amenities, including tea in the observation car, shower baths, maid service and vacuum cleaning of the parlor car. The train’s name was meant to evoke images of travel to the Far East, as Great Northern steamships to the Orient connected with the railway’s trains in Seattle.


“He told me what he had decided upon; not to return to their rendezvous until after they had captured some prizes, and could go with gold chinking in their pockets.”

“They have gold already — the chest taken from my uncle.”

“That only serves to make such as these more greedy.”

— From Wolves of the Sea (1918) by Randall Parrish