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My favorite is “Ful-O-Pep.” Photo by Cindy Prado, San Antonio, Texas.


Mail Call

A postcard entitled “Correspondence,” picturing mail call in the Japanese navy, circa 1910. Talk bubbles l. to r.: “Hey, there are two letters for you…”  “Thanks. They must be from home. It’s been a while.”  “Looks like there is none for me…”  “That seems like a long letter, who is it from?”  My thanks to Ritsuko Hatano for the translation.


A postcard of “Il Portalettere Moro” (1751) by Pietro Longhi (1701-1785), who painted scenes of contemporary life in Venice. It appears that many people translate the title to “The Moor’s Letter” or “The Letter of the Moor,” but I’d feel better with “The Moorish Letter Carrier” or “The Moorish Postman.” Here’s an image of the original painting: