Paul C. Koeber & Japan


A series of postcards from the Paul C. Koeber Co. (PCK, “Peacock Series”). The company was in business from 1900 to 1923 with offices in New York City and Kirchheim, Germany. Koeber was the President and Dietrich Kaufmann was the company’s Secretary. They published postcards of scenes across the United States, and in this case as far afield as Japan. The website of the Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City notes, “Published national view-cards and illustrations in chromolithography and in black & white. Much of their color work has a dark heavy feel to it because of the many thick layers of ink they used. In their later years they published postcards using tinted halftones.” I became interested in Paul C. Koeber because of a short series of postcards he published of Silver Bay on Lake George; what fascinates me about this series is that they were photographed in Japan, printed in Germany, and published in New York City; and I quite love the colors. And there’s a dog.










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