More Cecilia Beaux

CB Ernesta 1894

Portraits by Cecilia Beaux (1855-1942), whose work enchants me. The one above, “Ernesta 1894,” is of Ernesta Drinker, the artist’s niece.

CB Ernesta 1914

“Ernesta 1914”

CB Dorothea in the Woods

“Dorothea in the Woods”

Mrs. Clement B. Newbold

“Mrs. Clement B. Newbold” (1896)

CB Gertrude and Elizabeth Henry

“Gertrude and Elizabeth Henry”

CB Fanny Travis Cochran 1887

“Fanny Travis Cochran” (1887)

CB Lt Jean Julian Lamordant 1919

“Lt. Jean Julian Lamordant” (1919)

“Here also I must speak of my friend Lieutenant J. J. Lemordant: artist, hero, martyr — too well known for eulogy. Totally blind, crippled, and always suffering, his energy and will to labor in the cause of Art and idealism remain for service. He was just forty when struck down — an artist already welcomed and rewarded, a Breton with all the unspent force of his race, one of the big coming men lost to France… for whom France has no substitutes.” — From The Autobiography of Cecilia Beaux (1930)


Self Portrait, 1894

CB Painting 2

Cecilia Beaux at work, circa 1919