How Bare Knees Caused World War II


In April of 1922, the Rev. Dr. J. Frank Norris, a revivalist known as “The Texas Tornado,” came to New York City and revealed the cause of World War II:

“The cause of the next war — the flapper — struts up Fifth Avenue today and her sister out on Main Street apes her. The flapper will bring about this country’s downfall just as surely as Delilah caused Samson’s. Every great war has been traced to the depravity of women, and they never were as bad as they are today. When a woman shows her knees you can see the finish of her and that of the Nation as well. Girls think more of their eyelashes and ‘nude’ hosiery than they do of decency; home life is broken up; respect for law goes with it; wholesale inequity follows; then — war.

“The modern girl is 100 times worse than the girl of the last century and the country girl is just as bad as her city cousin. Once upon a time country girls were pure, but gasoline spoiled that. We have closed our red light districts and put them on rubber tires.

“Women smoking are indecent. The spark from a woman’s cigarette is going to touch off a conflagration that will destroy this country within fifty years.

“Jezebel was the worst woman in the world. She was the first ‘queen of the shifters.’ The last thing she did before she died was to paint her face and then the dogs ate her.”

* * *

 For this revelation I am grateful to a letter from Arthur K. McComb to John Dos Passos, April 9, 1922; the Philadelphia Inquirer, April 2, 1922; Judges 16:19 and II Kings 9:10-37