At the Mail Box

Mail Box Plus 2

I love pictures of people by mail boxes, and the ladies above, on a real photo postcard, inspired me today to add a few here.

Post Box Katherine Gassaway

Postcard (1914) by Katherine Gassaway

Mailbox on Train

Unhappy man emptying mail box on the side of a trolley car

PO Box Gil Elgren

Vintage Gil Elvgren (1914-1980)

Blue Air Mail Postbox

Statue of man by British Air Mail box, with Air Mail Car arriving.

PO Macau

Postman in Macau

PO Box John Lennon

John Lennon posts for Christmas

The Pointless Postcard

“The Pointless Postcard” by Edward Gorey (1925-2000)

Hippy Jump Over Mailbox Alex Olson NYC

Alex Olson does Hippy Jump over mailbox (he’ll be landing on his board on the other side)

emma rose neves

Young woman at a mailbox from the Tumblr blog of Emma Rose Neves.


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