I Say “Parcheesi,” You Say “Pachisi”

P 24 Antique Board 1

Antique American boards, above and below.

P 25 Antique Board 2

P 20 Home Pachisi

New boards from Grace’s Country Corner, above and below.

P 19 Animal Pachisi

P 27 Peru

A set from Peru

P 22 Velvet Ivory An ivory and velvet set from India, 17th or 18th century

P 18 Seats 4

A set from India that seats four, from an installation by Pritika Chowdhry

P 23 Court

Two views of an outdoor board at Fatehpur Sikri, India, on which slaves in appropriately colored garb took the place of the pieces. (The table is sitting atop “Home.”)

P 30 Courtyard 2


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