Why the Mail Was Late

Mail McEvoy

George Nesbit McEvoy was an artist from Brooklyn, N.Y., who wanted to paint marine views and southwestern subjects, and so for the sake of research he sailed to Galveston and trekked into the interior of Texas where he worked as a cowboy. However, ill health forced him to return to Galveston, on foot, and the rough life of a seaport prompted him to stow away on a schooner. Once at sea, he decorated the walls of the captain’s cabin with sketches to pay for his passage, and was put ashore at Pensacola. Next he crewed on the brig “Shannon,” carrying a cargo of sugar from Cuba, and landed in Philadelphia in 1882 with just enough money to get back to Brooklyn. A wanderer no more, he applied himself to his art, selling paintings to collectors and illustrations to newspapers, and by 1893 was an established artist with a family, horses and dogs, living in a home “surrounded by grounds of considerable extent, studded with noble trees and handsome shrubs.”

* * *

With thanks to The Eagle and Brooklyn (1893)


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