Soldiers Sharing Tea

Tea Soldiers Sharing

Finnish postcard

Women Reading

Woman Reading 15

I stumbled upon these images of women reading, loving them all, but the source didn’t cite the artists. If anyone knows who did these, I’d love to hear from you and will add captions immediately.

Woman Reading 14

Woman Reading 13

Woman Reading 11

Woman Reading 9

Woman Reading 1

Woman Reading 3

Woman Reading 4

Woman Reading 6

Woman Reading 16

Woman Reading 7

Ben Hur

Ben 1

Ramon Novarro and Francis X. Bushman in the silent classic Ben Hur (1925)

Ben Hur

Lobby card, 1925


Postcard, 1927

Ben Hur 1901

There was also a stage version of the novel, with the chariot race on stage. (The Broadway production had two chariots; the London production had four.) The play opened in 1899, and spawned touring companies that kept the work alive for more than 20 years. This poster is from 1901 in Chicago.