Beer with Ludwig Hohlwein

Hohlwein Beer 1

Ludwig Hohlwein (1874-1949) was a German poster artist of whom historian Alain Weill said, “Hohlwein found his style with disconcerting facility. It would vary little for the next forty years. The drawing was perfect from the start… nothing posed a problem for him. His figures are full of touches of color and a play of light and shade that brings them out of their background and gives them substance.” By 1925, Hohlwien had already designed 3,000 different posters and advertisements. Unfortunately, some of them were for the Hitler Youth, but I try to focus on the more worthy subjects.

Hohlwein Beer 2

Hohlwein Beer 3

Hohlwein Beer 4

Franziskaner Brau-Munchen - German beer advert - illustrated by

Hohlwein Beer 6

Hohlwein Beer 7

Hohlwein Beer 8

Hohlwein Beer 10

Hohlwein Beer 9


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