The Thrill of the Hunt


“There are stories connected with the finding of some of these things, too. Mr. [Alfred] Lichtenstein shows you a little sheet of twelve type-set stickers on once-green paper, rumpled, faded, partly washed out by dampness, and tells how, in a half-ruined cabin far up the Fraser River in British Columbia, whither a gold rush began in 1858, a man found an old table minus one of its front legs and with face turned to the wall for support. Turning it around, he discovered that there was a drawer in it. In that drawer was a rusty tin can, tightly covered; and in that can were these stickers of Barnard’s Cariboo Express, which carried letters to those miners eighty years ago.”

— From Paper Chase: The Amenities of Stamp Collecting (1940) by Alvin F. Harlow


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