Whose Dinner?

George Lane Charles Russell

George Lane was a rancher in Alberta, Canada, who came upon a pack of wolves feeding on one of his beef cows. The wolves had formerly lived upon the buffalo, but since the white settlers had exterminated the buffalo in order to exterminate the indigenous tribesmen, the wolves had turned to the settlers’ cattle. Lane rode into the midst of the wolves to send them a message, but, totally out of character, the pack’s largest male turned and charged Lane. You can’t blame him.

Lane survived to tell the tale, and western artist C.M. “Charlie” Russell, did a picture of the event (above), which inspired Alberta artist Rich Roenisch to do a bronze sculpture of George Lane and the wolves (below) for the Bar U Ranch Historical Site.

Nancy Chow

Photo of the Rich Roenisch sculpture by Nancy Chow, Calgary, Alberta


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