Aus Wald und Flur

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“Cigarette pictures” from the album, Aus Wald und Flor: Pflanzen unserer Heimat (Forests and Fields: Our Native Plants) (1937) by Walter Nöldner, published by the “Cigaretten Bilderdienst” (Cigarette Picture Service) in Altona, Germany.

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In the 1930s, instead of including trading cards/picture cards in their cigarette packets, the Reemtsma tobacco company began enclosing coupons. When enough coupons had been collected, they were sent to the “Cigaretten Bilderdienst” (Cigarette Picture Service) for a set of gummed pictures.

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The albums — which could be purchased very inexpensively — were large books published with spaces for the pictures; when the pictures arrived, they could be stuck in to provide the illustrations.

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Several series were in print at the same time — Reemtsma produced a total of 22 — so collectors could choose which series they wanted.

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Please note: This is about trees, flowers, books and collecting, and does not imply approval of smoking or fascism.



Wow. “Te Honunui,” by Dane Madgwick of Wellington, New Zealand, who works at Weta Workshop creating concept art for films, comics and video games. Of this one, he writes, “This is an illustration inspired by the Maori origins of carving legend. I started this back in 2009 and seem to have a play with it every couple of years, so perhaps this won’t be the last iteration.”