The Python, 1909



Six Gun Justice

Annie Oakley

“It looks like another candidate for Boot Hill as Adventure Town’s ‘Annie Oakley’ deals out six gun justice to a would be bank robber. All part of the continuous action that goes on daily at this exciting old time western village.”

— Postcard from Adventure Town of the 1000 Islands, Alexandria Bay, N.Y.

Oddly enough, I’ve actually been to Adventure Town, dressed a lot like the little guy to the right with the big pant cuffs.



Illustration by Oliver Kemp (1887-1934) known for Saturday Evening Post covers, as well as illustrations for Colliers, Scribner’s, Century and others. He was a student of Howard Pyle, William Merritt Chase, James Whistler and, in Paris, at the Ecole des Beaux Arts of Jean Leon Gerome. He worked in the East but made yearly trips to the Rocky Mountains, other regions in the West, and also traveled world wide to explore jungle areas.