Blue Money

Blue Money 1920

There’s so much to love about inflated currency, and Hungary’s Korona and Pengo are wonderful examples of the genre. After WWI, things went wrong at the treaty table and the value of the Korona began to drop, triggering the printing of money with more and more zeros.

Hungary 100000 Korona 1923

500000 Korona 1923.JPG

1 Million Korona 1923

When the Korona became virtually worthless — and there was no more room for zeros on the bill — it was replaced by the Pengo.

1929 10 Pengo

The Pengo held the fort for a time, but after WWII, which ended even worse for Hungary, its value plummeted and the numbers took off again.

10 Mil Pengo 1946

I will say this for Hungary, no matter how worthless the money became, it remained beautiful.


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