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Three Mail Boxes

Box 1

Mail boxes by the Hecla Iron Works, Brooklyn, N.Y., for the Commercial National Bank in Chicago, Illinois…

Box 2

For the Ohio Building, Toledo, Ohio.

Box 3

For the Fulton Building, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Got It

“As the car rolled along between great walls of forest growths, Ginger gained a new conception of the term ‘impenetrable forest.’ This forest was impenetrable. With the vast mass of lowly plants underfoot, to trip and snag one, and the tough vines and lianas tying together the millions of upright tree trunks so that the forest was often like a woven wall of vegetation, this tropic forest was indeed impenetrable.”

— From The Mail Pilot of the Caribbean: The Adventures of Ginger Hale Above the Southern Seas (1934) by Lewis E. Theiss