Women in Polo, 1906

“In the colonies, hitherto, with the exception of a few isolated instances, polo has been totally appropriated by the sterner sex, who betray little or no regard for the pleasures of the other fellows’ sisters or cousins with respect to the game. It is true that some few ladies play polo in Australasia, but a very few. In the land of the gymkhana the case is different, and nearly every lady who rides can use a polo stick fairly well. And they can all ride well, a remark that applies even in the hunting field, but very rarely on the polo ground.

“In India, a latent chivalry obtains among the civil and military element in station life, who strive to make existence pleasant for the softer sex, and therefore their ladies have been initiated into the joys of polo gymkhanas, with the result that there is the very keenest enthusiasm apparent among their womankind over the many tournaments held yearly, and there is a camaraderie between the two sexes that makes for the most perfect sport and enjoyment. By this means ladies are afforded a certain amount of physical exercise and a great amount of honest pleasure and fun, that both help to make them strong against the insidious attacks of jungle fever, and also to relieve the deadly monotony which is one of the incidentals to a country life in India.”

— From “Polo and All About It” by F. D’A. and Charles De L’Isle in The Pastoralists’ Review, April 12, 1906


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