“Why use postcards? The popular context. I like to use an existing popular structure and examine it in a creative way. To extend what is already there and assimilated by society rather than try to impose alien ideas on them. Souvenir postcards, brief messages and visions sent through an open system to friends to say that they are in your thoughts and special. As a person who makes collages and art, I want them (my friends) to know the same so I make my postcards special, but in a basic, simple way. No high technique, just scissors, glue and photos. I want to be sure that at least theoretically, anyone could do it, a similar thing.”

— From a written statement given by Genesis P-Orridge to his solicitor before his trial on the charge of posting indecent postcards, documented in G.P.O. v G. P-O:  A Chronicle of Mail Art on Trial (1976)


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