Love These

Parcel Post 1

In 1912, the U.S. Postal Department introduced parcel post service for items 16 ounces or more. Almost anything could be sent via parcel post, including baby chicks, alligators and honeybees. Rural Americans used the new service to buy goods they could not get before, giving rise to mail order giants like Sears, Roebuck & Co. Twelve denominations were issued, all using the same border and color, which caused some confusion for postal workers. Less than a year later, ordinary postage was allowed for use on parcel post. These stamps were then used as regular postage until the supply was depleted.

Parcel Post 2


“I took him out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant with a girlfriend today, and he was very easy, shoveling in massive amounts of avocado, plain beans, flour tortilla. But on the way home he pooped, and from the front seat it smelled like a sick walrus had gone to the bathroom in the backseat, or died. When I got home I laid him on my bed to change him, and said, ‘Wow, honey! This one is the new gold standard,’ and he clapped solemnly.”

— Anne Lamott in Some Assembly Required (2012)