Dick writes to Tom, “Got here a little late for Jane’s birthday. Weather is perfect. Sure you won’t change your mind about coming over?” And Jane adds, “Sure wish you were here.”


Strang b

Strang c

Strang a

“He was still watching through the crevice, when a slight noise caused him to turn his head. Even as he did so, a pair of slender, sinewy hands fastened on his neck, and he was jerked off his feet. The next moment he was on his back, with an evil yellow face close to his own.”


“…Vox was forced to rely on goblin mercenaries to hold on to what little power he had left in Undertown. These days, if the rumours are true, he spends his entire time alone in his dilapidated palace, too obese to leave his bed-chamber, drinking himself into a stupor each night with bottle after bottle of Oblivion.”
The Last of the Sky Pirates (2002) by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell