Upside Down

Denis Compton

“As with all geniuses it is impossible to analyse his technique as a batsman. It was a brilliant mixture of the unexpected spiced with a large measure of showmanship and improvisation. Totally untutored, if he ever read a coaching book he must have been holding it upside down.”

— J.J. Warr speaking at the memorial service of Denis Compton, July 1, 1997, quoted in Well-Remembered Friends: Eulogies on Celebrated Lives (2004), edited by Angela Huth, with thanks to Lee and Nick Baker.


F.R. Spofforth

Frederick Robert “Fred” Spofforth (1853–1926), also known as “The Demon Bowler”, was perhaps the Australian cricket team’s finest fast bowler in the 19th century. Shown here in a watercolor by Henry Scott Tuke (1858-1929) in English Cricket (1945) by Neville Cardus.