“She was wearing a blue Lastex swimsuit, which was like a dress and showed off her legs, which looked lovely to me. I was trying to keep my eyes on her face as she talked, but it was difficult when all I wanted to do was lay my muzzle on her lap and have her play with my ears and pull my tail.”

— The voice of Bernie Gunther in Prague Fatale (2011) by Philip Kerr



On the Rug


“They brought me in to a white-bearded bald old fellow who was lying on a worn Turkoman carpet in front of a half-dead fire. He had a book beside him, a catalogue of his railroad bridges, and he held a pen between his toes. He used his magnificent, sleepy, burgundy-and-gold-colored hunting dogs… as pillows and rugs.”

Swan Lake (1989), text by Mark Helprin and illustrations by Chris Van Allsburg

On Napping with a Dog

“I’m having the most lovely rests with Kay these days; he slept for an hour on my breast this afternoon. He lies, not at all sure that he will stay, while I skilfully and soporifically scratch his chest, and then, at last, with a deep yielding sigh, his little head sinks, he crimps his feet together — then relaxes — and falls asleep — while enraptured mother broods over him!”

— Anne Douglas Sedgwick in a letter to Adèle le B. Alsop, November 2, 1929


Dogs 3

Three favorite images from The Book of the Dog (2015) by Angus Hyland and Kendra Wilson, a wonderful collection. Above, “Big Boy” (2008) by Sandra Flood, and below, “Miss Beatrice Townsend” (1882) by John Singer Sargent and “Lime Tree Shade” (1913) by Amy Katherine Browning. Buy this book.

Dogs 2

Dogs 1