Dog in Fog

fog dog




“She was wearing a blue Lastex swimsuit, which was like a dress and showed off her legs, which looked lovely to me. I was trying to keep my eyes on her face as she talked, but it was difficult when all I wanted to do was lay my muzzle on her lap and have her play with my ears and pull my tail.”

— The voice of Bernie Gunther in Prague Fatale (2011) by Philip Kerr


On the Rug


“They brought me in to a white-bearded bald old fellow who was lying on a worn Turkoman carpet in front of a half-dead fire. He had a book beside him, a catalogue of his railroad bridges, and he held a pen between his toes. He used his magnificent, sleepy, burgundy-and-gold-colored hunting dogs… as pillows and rugs.”

Swan Lake (1989), text by Mark Helprin and illustrations by Chris Van Allsburg

On Napping with a Dog

“I’m having the most lovely rests with Kay these days; he slept for an hour on my breast this afternoon. He lies, not at all sure that he will stay, while I skilfully and soporifically scratch his chest, and then, at last, with a deep yielding sigh, his little head sinks, he crimps his feet together — then relaxes — and falls asleep — while enraptured mother broods over him!”

— Anne Douglas Sedgwick in a letter to Adèle le B. Alsop, November 2, 1929