Splitting backbones and inspection of hogs at Swift & Co., Chicago, circa 1900, in Memories of a Lost World: Travels through the Magic Lantern by Charlotte Fiell and James R. Ryan

Bill of Fare

“There is every kind of restaurant in London, from the restaurant which makes you fancy you are in Paris to the restaurant which makes you wish you were. There are palaces in Piccadilly, quaint lethal chambers in Soho, and strange food factories in Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. There are restaurants that specialize in ptomaine, and restaurants which specialize in sinister vegetable-messes. But there is only one Simpson’s.”

— From Something Fresh (1915) by P.G. Wodehouse

Cups of Tea

“For his part, the Count had opted for the life of the purposefully unrushed. Not only was he disinclined to race toward some appointed hour–disdaining even to wear a watch–he took the greatest satisfaction when assuring a friend that a worldly matter could wait in favor of a leisurely lunch or a stroll along the embankment. After all, did not wine improve with age? Was it not the passage of years that gave a piece of furniture its delightful patina? When all was said and done, the endeavors that most modern men saw as urgent (such as appointments with bankers and the catching of trains), probably could have waited, while those they deemed frivolous (such as cups of tea and friendly chats) had deserved their immediate attention.”

— From A Gentleman in Moscow (2016) by Amor Towles