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Aus Wald und Flur

Woods 1

“Cigarette pictures” from the album, Aus Wald und Flor: Pflanzen unserer Heimat (Forests and Fields: Our Native Plants) (1937) by Walter Nöldner, published by the “Cigaretten Bilderdienst” (Cigarette Picture Service) in Altona, Germany.

 Woods 8

In the 1930s, instead of including trading cards/picture cards in their cigarette packets, the Reemtsma tobacco company began enclosing coupons. When enough coupons had been collected, they were sent to the “Cigaretten Bilderdienst” (Cigarette Picture Service) for a set of gummed pictures.

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The albums — which could be purchased very inexpensively — were large books published with spaces for the pictures; when the pictures arrived, they could be stuck in to provide the illustrations.

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Several series were in print at the same time — Reemtsma produced a total of 22 — so collectors could choose which series they wanted.

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Please note: This is about trees, flowers, books and collecting, and does not imply approval of smoking or fascism.