Lana Turner

I’ve always thought of Lana Turner as a hard, brassy blonde, but this photo of her as a teenager makes one wonder why Hollywood couldn’t leave well enough alone.

What a View

Lobby Postcard

Postcard of the Prince of Wales Hotel lobby, in Waterton, Alberta, Canada. The photo is by T. J. (Tomar Jacob) Hileman (1882–1945), the official photographer for the Great Northern Railway. In 1924, Hileman took photos of Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes National Park, traveling with his bulky camera equipment on horseback, even at times perching on a narrow ledge to get the right shot. The Prince of Wales Hotel was built by the railway, and must have been an easier day for him.


Florence Peterson in kimono Cyanotype Paul Burty Haviland c. between 1898 and 1916

A cyanotype print of Florence Peterson in a kimono with flowers, circa 1910, by Paul Burty Haviland. Invented in 1842 by English scientist John Frederick Herschel, the cyanotype process, with its deep blue and pictorial results, did not appeal to photographers at the time, who sought a more realistic look. Because it was an inexpensive and easy process, it was commonly used to create blueprints. But a few artists were intrigued by its possibilities, and recently photography’s “blue period” is coming into its own.