polo pc

A 1905 polo postcard with art by Harry Montagu Love, published by Wrench Postcards, Ltd.  Montagu Love began as an artist, but soon turned to acting and appeared in 180 films, including Gunga Din, The Sea Hawk and The Adventures of Robin Hood.


“As a businessman and sportsman, he [Averell Harriman] had long been known as for his sharp-edged, elbows-out tactics. In a practice match preceding a 1920s championship polo contest, he had, for example, urged Manuel Andrada, a member of the opposing team, to harass Laddie Sanford, one of Harriman’s own team members, who was vying with him for a place on the championship squad. ‘Laddie was not the most courageous man in the world and Andrada was one of the toughest,’ Harriman said years later. ‘The upshot was that he knocked Sanford to hell and gone. I don’t know if Laddie was a better player than I was, but he was no good that day, I can tell you. It’s an amusing incident, but I was determined to get back. I just could not believe I couldn’t beat Laddie. Because, you know, he was soft.'”

— From Citizens of London (2017) by Lynne Olson