Hawkers Asian Street Fare in Atlantic Beach, Florida. Great food, and a postcard, too!


Postcards from the War

JSS Street in Arras

“A Street in Arras” (1918) by John Singer Sargent

Mail Censors

“The Postal Censorship, Strand House: Censoring Letters to and from Enemy Prisoners of War” (1918) by A.J.C. Bryce.

From the collections of the Imperial War Museums, published in Art from the First World War, a postcard book, by Pomegranate Press.

Travelers in Time

Bridge in China

Chow-Chow-Fu Bridge (China) by John Thompson, c. 1873

Bell in China

The Great Bell at Mengoon (Burma) by Samuel Bourne, c. 1876


The Great Buddha at Kamakura (Japan) by Felice Beato, c. 1865

Three postcards from “Travelers in Time,” photos from the Royal Photographic Society, Bath, published by Pomegranate Press. Because I love bridges, bells and the Great Buddha at Kamakura.