Incense, 2014

Incense Jingna Zhang

Jingna Zhang is a Beijing-born, Singapore-raised artist/photographer living in New York City and Tokyo. This photo, “Erin,” is from Motherland Chronicles, a fantasy artbook project by Jingna Zhang and Tobias Kwan.


Holy Bolt


“Lightning in church. During a violent storm at Uggiano, near Lecce, lightning pierced the cupola of a temple in which numerous of the faithful were attending an event. The thunderbolt brought death and terror; two women were charred [carbonized], and three burned; five others were injured and many fainted.”

— From the always edifying La Domenica del Corriere, November 17, 1946, art by Walter Molino (1915-1997).


“We were very delicate about lavatories in those days. It was unthinkable to be seen entering or leaving one except by an intimate member of the family; difficult in our house, since the lavatory was halfway up the stairs and in full view from the hall. The worst, of course, was to be inside and then hear voices below. Impossible to come out. One had to stay immured there until the coast was clear.”

— From Agatha Christie: An Autobiography (1977)


BH 3

“Soon they had a cheerful blaze on the ledge outside the cave. Wilfred produced two blankets and the mice wrapped themselves up snugly while their clothes dried in front of the fire. The little kettle was filled from the water bottle and proudly Wilfred set out a feast of bread and cheese and honeycakes.”

— From The High Hills (1986) by Jill Barklem