BH 3

“Soon they had a cheerful blaze on the ledge outside the cave. Wilfred produced two blankets and the mice wrapped themselves up snugly while their clothes dried in front of the fire. The little kettle was filled from the water bottle and proudly Wilfred set out a feast of bread and cheese and honeycakes.”

— From The High Hills (1986) by Jill Barklem


Confirmed, 1860

“The taste for exploiting the private lives of those who have rendered themselves in any way famous is becoming more and more confirmed in America… the coarseness and injustice of the personal details appearing in our press have already disgraced us and the civilized world.”

— Ada Clare, “Thoughts and Things,” Saturday Press (New York, N.Y.), April 21, 1860, quoted in Bad Scarlett (2017) by Deborah C. Pollack, an excellent read