The Snow Road

Wyeth Jan 1907 Outing 2

“He opened the ends of two dozen sticks of dynamite and thawed them one at a time over a candle. He knew this was dangerous, but it was the quickest way to remove the frost, and there was no time to lose… Then he inserted the ends in the fuses, tied the bundle around his neck and plunged again into the deep snow outside… He balanced himself carefully on the solitary rock that jutted out of the sharp ridge. Untying the fuses, he shielded the ends under his coat while he lit them. The coils caught and sputtered. He rose to his feet and flung the six pounds of powerful explosive far out into the great snow comb. Then he slipped to the ground and clung desperately to the far side of the sharp bowlder… His one chance was that the bowlder would not go down with the slide.”

Illustration by N.C. Wyeth for “How They Opened the Snow Road” by W.M. Raine and W.H. Eader in Outing Magazine, January, 1907



Simon 1

Illustrations by James Montgomery Flagg for Simon the Jester (1910) by William J. Locke

Simon 2

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I apologize for the shadows; the alternative was to crack the binding while scanning or razor out the illustrations, and I didn’t wish to do either.