“Librarians’ values are as sound as Girl Scouts’: truth, free speech, and universal literacy. And, like Scouts, they possess a quality that I think makes librarians invaluable and indispensable: they want to help. They want to help us. They want to be of service. And they’re not trying to sell us anything.”

Marilyn Johnson in This Book Is Overdue: How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All (2010)

Twenty-Girl Power

“I really think, for a sensible person, my Cousin Milly here talks more nonsense than any twenty other girls.”

“A twenty-girl power! That’s an immense compliment. I’ve the greatest respect for nonsense, I owe it so much; and I really think if nonsense were banished, the earth would grow insupportable.”

— Lord Ilbury responds to Miss Ruthyn in Uncle Silas (1864) by Sheridan Le Fanu


Remember when Presidents had some gravitas, some girth, some heft to them? Hail to thee, William Howard Taft, just because. Photograph from the Lumiere Studio, Omaha, Nebraska. Half-tone plate engraved by H. Davidson and printed in The Century magazine, 1916.