To California

Born in Scotland, Robert Dollar (1844-1932) worked in logging camps in the forests of Canada and Michigan, saving enough money to buy timber lands in the northwestern U.S. In 1895, he bought his first vessel, a steam schooner called Newsboy, to move lumber to markets down the coast. He became a San Francisco shipping magnate whose boats were a common sight from Canada to Canton to Tokyo. At the age of 80, he started his successful round-the-world passenger service. This brochure gives you a taste of the voyage.

Ana Popovic

Ana Popovic prompts one to marvel. Born in Belgrade (the capital of Yugoslavia before it reverted to Serbia), she grew up in a home filled with music and musicians. By 19, she was touring Europe playing blues and jazz guitar. I am very partial to “How’d You Learn to Shake It Like That” and “Bring Your Fine Self Home,” both available on iTunes.


This followed me around between 1966 and ’72. The faded quote, below a photograph of the damage done to a temple in Vietnam, reads, “These days, continually fuddled by drink, I fail to satisfy the appetites of the soul. But seeing all men behaving like drunkards, how can I remain sober? — Wang Chi, 700 A.D.”

A Good Scout

I could never tell if Grace Slick was wearing a Brownie uniform, or a Girl Scout uniform, but I loved her all the more for it. And of course, Janis Joplin. I would love to credit the photographer, if I knew who he or she was.