Write Up

“Anyone who writes down to children is simply wasting his time. You have to write up, not down. Children are demanding. They are the most attentive, curious, eager, observant, sensitive, quick, and generally congenial readers on earth… Children are game for anything. I throw them hard words, and they backhand them over the net.”

— E.B. White, quoted in Some Writer! The Story of E.B. White (2016) by Melissa Sweet

Bill of Fare

“There is every kind of restaurant in London, from the restaurant which makes you fancy you are in Paris to the restaurant which makes you wish you were. There are palaces in Piccadilly, quaint lethal chambers in Soho, and strange food factories in Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. There are restaurants that specialize in ptomaine, and restaurants which specialize in sinister vegetable-messes. But there is only one Simpson’s.”

— From Something Fresh (1915) by P.G. Wodehouse

Golden Nugget

Nugget Front

Where Fortune Smiles “See the Old-Style West in our modern world. A place of mahogany bars, crystal chandeliers, with the genuine hospitality and old-time gaiety of the Barbary Coast and the Virginia City of fifty years ago.”

Nugget Saloon

Nugget Bingo

“The new palatial Bingo Room, in Nevada’s largest and most glamorous casino… Every day thousands play this favorite game of chance.”