Holy Bolt


“Lightning in church. During a violent storm at Uggiano, near Lecce, lightning pierced the cupola of a temple in which numerous of the faithful were attending an event. The thunderbolt brought death and terror; two women were charred [carbonized], and three burned; five others were injured and many fainted.”

— From the always edifying La Domenica del Corriere, November 17, 1946, art by Walter Molino (1915-1997).



“We went from the upper edge of the field above the house into a smooth, brown path among the dark spruces. The hot sun brought out the fragrance of the pitchy bark, and the shade was pleasant as we climbed the hill. William stopped once or twice to show me a great wasps’ nest close by, or some fishhawks’ nests below in a bit of swamp. He picked a few sprigs of late-blooming linnaea as we came out upon an open bit of pasture at the top of the island, and gave them to me without speaking, but he knew as well as I that one could not say half he wished about linnaea.”

— From The Country of the Pointed Firs (1896) by Sarah Orne Jewett