In Case of Inflation


An Alice in Wonderland stamp, perfed in the event of inflation, by faux postage artist Gerald King.

On the Beach


While searching for a higher resolution image of this photo of a young woman with a lion cub, by William M. Van der Weyde, taken in Atlantic City circa 1900, I discovered it was part of a genre: women on the beach with unexpected animals. All of the following were taken on the beach in Long Beach, California.






Bear Cub


Baby Elephant


And my favorite, seagulls, with an accordion.

The Thousand Quilt


“The bundle — the great bundle — was her work! She advanced into the room and began carefully to unroll it. It was the turn of the minister’s wife to be paralyzed. She pushed forward a chair, and the child sat down in it.

“‘It’s my Thousand Quilt that I’m making for Aunt Livia,’ explained Rebecca Mary. ‘It’s most done. There’s a thousand pieces in it, and I’m on the nine hundred and ninety-oneth. I thought poberly you’d have some work, so I brought mine.’

“‘Yes, I seeā€¦’ The minister’s wife stood looking down at the tight little red figure among the gorgeous waves of the Thousand Quilt. They eddied and surged around it in dizzy reds and purples and greens.”

— Illustration by Elizabeth Shippen Green for “The Thousand Quilt” by Annie Hamilton Donnell in Harper’s Monthly Magazine, December 1904