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Tobacco Warehouse Richmond

Always a thrill to discover a new genre in postcards: Tobacco Warehouses. Who knew?

Tobacco Warehouse Lexington

Tobacco Warehouse Danville VA

Tobacco Warehouse Havana

Incense by Parrish

Incense Parrish

“Then the damsel took forth from her shoulders two pieces of Kamari aloes-wood, and took a bit of them, and, having lighted a fire in a perfuming vessel, threw into it that bit, and she uttered a loud whistle, and proceeded to speak words which no one understood; whereupon a great smoke aroseā€¦ And she proceeded to burn perfume and repeat spells until the sea foamed and was agitated.”

— “Guinare of the Sea,” illustration by Maxfield Parrish from The Arabian Nights: their best-known tales (1909) by Kate Douglas Wiggin