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Hands Up

Earle Bergey

Art by Earle Bergey

Rudolph Ruzicka

Fountain of Sea Horses 1915

“The Fountain of the Sea-Horses” from The Fountains of Papal Rome (1915)

New York 1915

From New York: A Series of Wood Engravings in Colour (1915)

High Level Bridge 1926

High Level Bridge, commissioned by the Print Club of Cleveland (1926)

Rudolph Ruzicka (1883-1978) was a Czech-born American wood engraver, etcher, illustrator, typeface designer, and book designer.

In Quietness

“In 1156, the Chinese author Yeh Meng-te wrote: ‘Since I had plenty of leisure time, I usually rose early in the morning, and then with an empty mind concentrated on the beauty of the fields, trees, rivers, mountains and clouds and I found that I could predict the weather right seven or eight times out of ten. Then I realized that in quietness the universe can be observed, the inner moods felt and real truth obtained.'”

— Quoted in The Cloudspotter’s Guide (2006) by Gavin Pretor-Pinney

Postcards from the War

JSS Street in Arras

“A Street in Arras” (1918) by John Singer Sargent

Mail Censors

“The Postal Censorship, Strand House: Censoring Letters to and from Enemy Prisoners of War” (1918) by A.J.C. Bryce.

From the collections of the Imperial War Museums, published in Art from the First World War, a postcard book, by Pomegranate Press.