Views of Egypt and Nubia

tomb 1a

Color lithographs by David Roberts (1796-1864), a Scottish artist, from the collection of the Huntington Library, published as postcards by the Pomegranate Press. Above, “View Under the Grand Portico of the Temple of Philae, Nubia.”

tomb 2a

“Front Elevation of the Great Temple of Abu Simbel, Nubia”

tomb 2b

“Remains of the Portico of the Temple of Kom Ombo”

tomb 1b

“Interior of the Temple of Abu Simbel”


“I am eighty-four years old. You will understand, therefore, that in an emergency of this sort I am compelled to use my brain and other people’s energies to protect myself and my household. I must also guard against such emotions as anger, grief or excitement which I have not now the strength to support.”

— Caroline Faraday speaking to Albert Campion in Police at the Funeral (1931) by Margery Allingham