Rapture Art

In 1992, I received this postcard from the truly amazing DeAnn Zwight, who knew my taste for the unusual. The artwork is by Charles Anderson, entitled “The Coming Rapture.” More than 5,000,000 prints and postcards of this art have been published since 1974. It’s even available on a mouse pad. And, of course, with the Rapture coming up the day after tomorrow, I felt compelled to post some examples of how artists have envisioned the Rapture.

I’m loving the empty shoes for their simplicity. No idea who the artist was.

Jack T. Chick, the legendary pamphleteer, from his 2003 piece, “Here He Comes.” As you can see, suddenly driver-less cars and pilot-less airplanes are a recurring theme in this genre.

The graphic novel version of the Left Behind saga took us right down to the ground with the crashing cars and airplanes. Even the fireman is frightened in this one.

A kinder, gentler comic strip version of the Rapture is presented here; I don’t know the artist, but will be happy to include him or her as soon as I can.

I don’t know the artist for this one, similar to the approach above, but I am grateful to Elaine Taggart for the discovery.

My thanks to Gary Archer for  this one; notice the cutaway walls, and the historical garb on some of those bound for heaven.

Artist Ron DiCianni created this one. I love the colors, and the simplicity of two subjects, one going, the other in the shadows, staying.

I have saved my favorite for last. I wish I knew the artist.


5 thoughts on “Rapture Art

  1. Interesting!

    I did a few images myself as a side project, but mine is more of a response to the fact of the rapture not going as predicted.

    And I agree, you just have to love the 50’s “ideal” nuclear family as the prefered rapture candidates!…so what about the rest of us who don’t look like we stepped from a norman rockwell painting???…and everyone looks to be caucasian. No other ethnicities get to participate?

    thanks for posting these great pics.

  2. I THANK YOU for fallowing me this opportunity to reply. I’m extremely interested in having a copy of The Rapture, by Charles Anderson. Please send me information on how I may obtain the work of art. I’d sincerely appreciate it. I THANK YOU in advance.
    Sylvia Mixon

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  4. I have a post card called, with this on the back and it’s an original ……I think my mom gave it to me and I just loved it and kept it in my bible! It’s in perfect shape but the white back has turned a light yellow. It is so awesome!
    The coming” Rapture” by artist Charles Stanley as described in the Bible. See 1 Thes. 4:16, 17; 1 COR. 15: 51,52.
    In the middle of the back, like deciding the card says;
    “Rapture” post cards 15c per 100, $80 per 1,000 – Bibiecers’ Evangelistic Assiciation Box 18003 Dallas, Tx. 75218

  5. The “kinder, gentler comic strip version of the rapture” was by Al Hartley. It’s from his comic book adaptation of Hal Lindsey’s There’s a New World Coming. In the 1970s Hartley did a series of Christian comic books for Spire publishers. Many were adaptations of popular Christian books like In His Steps and The Hiding Place. Like the panel posted here the clothes and hairstyles in his work are very seventies.

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